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The Steps to my art

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This photo was the basis for the piece

The pattern is created on the computer.  This includes not only drawing the lines but developing the color scheme and grain for the pieces.  Once completed, multiple copies are made of the pattern.
Pattern created from photo
5 hours
The copies of the pattern are cut to seperate all the pieces.  In this case I was left with approximately 190 pieces of paper.  Keeping in mind the color scheme, wood of various tones and grains that might fit the scheme are collected.  Using the original photo as a guide, wood is selected for all the pieces in the pattern.  The wood is then examined to best use the grain within the final work.  Finally the pattern is attached to the wood.
Wood Selection
Wood selected - 12 types/colors
1 hr 30 min
All the pieces are cut along the lines of the pattern.  The fit between adjacent pieces is inspected and adjusted as required.
All 192 pieces cut out
27 hours
The first sanding is used to bring the height of the pieces to close to where it will be in the finished work.
Rough Sanding
Sand pieces to final height
10 hours
The second/fine sand is when the wood is contoured to give the final piece a 3 dimensional look and feel.  The transitions between adjcent pieces are adjusted to ensure the flow of the piece is right.  All pieces are smoothed.
Fine Sand/Contour
Shapes and adjust transitions btwn pieces
5 hour
Contouring that is to intricate or can't be done on the sander are done by hand.  All peices are then sanded by hand twice (using 220 and 300 grit sand paper) to remove sanding marks and ensure a smooth finish.
Detail Contouring/hand Sand
Added carving/sanding/contouring
4 hours
Because of the limited availablity and price of black wood, pieces that are to be black are stained.
Staining and Wood Burning
Black peices stained twice
30 minutes
Three coats of gel varnish are added to all pieces.  Between coats all pieces are hand sanded  with extra fine sand paper and/or steel wool.
3 coats of gel varnish
2.5 hours (not incl Drying time)
The individual pieces are glued together.  After being glued together, all pieces are glued to a piece of plywood to provide additional stability.
Glued together and to back board
2 hours
The work is signed and a picture hanger added to the back
Art Work Inspected and Signed

Unfortunantly. in my opinion photos really don't do these works justice.  From this angled view you can get a feel for the contouring of the art.
Angle View

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