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Guestbook and Customer Response

Unfortunantly excessive drug, porno, etc, ads have made having/managing a true guestbook impractical so I've had to revert to simply placing the comments here. That means people will have to email me in order to add their comments. If you would like to do so, please indicate if you would like your name and/or email address displayed

Name  Jackie       jlangford@ci.addison.tx.us   Date  6/23/06   From  Texas

Tracey, I finally got around to looking at your web site. Very impressive! I never knew you were so talented! I would like to see the work you did while trying to release the frustrations of your recent class. Ha! Hang in there and keep up the good work! jl

Name  Mark         Mark@gmail.com    Date  4/10/06

Hi i really like your site, i place a link on my web-site, continue like that

Name  Carl Felder      carlfelder@hotmail.com    Date  1/08/06   From  Denver, Colorado

Very Cool! I love your Art. Do you create turtles? You are a wood artist. Great Website.

Name  Paul Jaffe       pjjafco@earthlink.net     Date  7/9/05        From  Seattle

Just found your work. Very impressed. I own a 50th Anniversary Black T-Bird. What are your prices? Thanks, -pj

Name  Dave Tallha      tallha@1stpacific.org    Date  5/31/05   From  TBN

Tracey, I received my TBird last week and I want to thank you for completing this project. I was very impressed with your attention to detail. I'm working on getting you more business. Thanks again Dave

Name  Bruce    Date  3/31/05  From  Rhode Island

Hi Tracey, Just received my second Bird and it looks great. Now thanks to you, I have a match set, a hardtop version and a top down version. These are a must have for any Thunderbird collection.

Name  Greg Cauley    Date  3/29/05   From  North Carolina

Cliche or not, the webpix of Tracey's art do not give proper justice to the beauty of her work. One really has to see it to truly appreciate it. Her communication with her customer is fantastic. I could not be happier with the results of my order. I offer my sincerest thanks and highest kudos for her work.

Name  Ken Floyd     kenfloyd@sumtertoday.com    Date  3/12/05     From  Dalzell, SC

Tracey, I received my car today and WOW! It is beautiful. Thanks so much. I knew it would be yellow but did not expect it to be so close to the exact color. It truly is a work of art. I will contact you about possibly doing a different car.

Name  Paul     Date  3/02/05     From  Oklahoma

Tracey did a great job on my T-bird. She agreed to make changes in my original order when she had already started the car. I highly recommend her artwork and look forward to getting more in the future

Name  Dave Tallha   tallha@1stpacific.org    Date  2/28/05      From  thunderbirdnest.com

I like your work and want to order a red 02 tbird with chrome scoop.

Name  Pat Elliot     mcd94@webtv.net  Date  2/25/05   From  Huntington, PA 

I received my car today and it is beautiful. I am impressed with Tracey's work and her communication with her customers. It was really nice to watch the different stages of construction. Thanks also to Jim Young for telling TBNers about her work. Thanks again Tracey

Name  Bruce    bcosta@kvh.com 
Date  2/18/05    From  Rhode Island 

I had Tracey make a Red Thunderbird for me and I am so impressed with her work and the manner in which she conducts her business that I order a second. I highly recommend Tracey's work.

Name  Jim Young     jyoung@sc.rr.com    Date  2/13/05   From  Columbia, SC 

Tracey thanks for doing these cars for my friends. I know that you have other work waiting while you get these done

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