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Maplin UK check their prices daily against other retailers making sure they have consistently low prices. Maplin has more to offer than any other online retailer, with their excellent customer service, the Maplin low price guarantee of Everyday Low Prices, 24 Hr Helpline, delivery 7 days a week and expert installation, all backed by a nation-wide network of over 400 stores. Shopping online at Maplin UK, customers can be sure they are getting the best price!

Maplin Electrical website offers UK customers a vast range of Electrical products online including a constantly updated range of Web exclusives. From Washing Machines, Widescreen TV's to the Latest in Home Computing, Maplin caters for everyone!

The wide selection of electronics products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplin offers to take advantage of:

Cobra Covert Earpiece and Microphone ( Cobra Covert Ear-bud ), at Maplin
Covert solution for discreet two-way radio users 2.5mm jack connection for all Cobra and other PMR radios Press-to-talk button to control the radio Two versions available to suit comfort and practical use N67KB is an in-ear bud design N68KB is an hook-over the ear design

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder ( Zoom H1 Recorder ), at Maplin
Brilliant stereo recording - now in your pocket Zooms smallest recorder ever Zooms renowned recording technology at an affordable price XY configured microphones for stunning stereo recordings Easy to read LCD display with a simple menu interface High resolution 24-bit 96 kHz stereo recordings Peak limit LED indicator Requires 1 AA battery for up to 10 hours battery life Stereo 3.5mm jack input and headphone socket Record onto microSD microSDHC memory cards USB 2.0 compatible The Zoom H1 Portable Digital recorder is Zooms smallest recorder ever. It is an ultra-compact pocket recorder with renowned recording technology at an affordable price. The H1s on board microphones are configured in an XY pattern for stunning stereo imaging. Get high-resolution 24-bit and 96 kHz stereo recordings from a pocket sized recorder. To increase the maximum recording time you can switch easily from uncompressed PCM recording to space-saving MP3 mode. Thanks to USB 2.0 you can rapidly exchange your recordings with your PC. With a single AA battery the battery life is around 10 hours. Combining powerful recording capability with elegance and simplicity the Zoom H1 suits everyone.

Pac-Man Money Box with Sound ( Pac-Man Moneybox ), at Maplins
Secure your money away from those ghosts with this 80s style moneybox Authentic game sounds will take you back to him gobbling those pac-dots Officially licensed Pac-Man product Requires 3 x AAA batteries Maplin Code L42AL Dont want those scary ghosts stealing your well earned money. Well this is a perfect gift you the Pac-Man Money Box is a must-have gift for fans of the classic video game and 80s nostalgia.The Pac-Man Money Box with Sound features the familiar open-mouthed pose of Pac-Man. Every time a coin is inserted the authentic gaming sounds of Pac-Man gobbling up the pac-dots are triggered. The Pac-Man Money Box measures 12 cms in diameter so theres loads of room to save your pennies. Pac-Man fans will love hearing the instantly recognisable wakka-wakka-wakka noise as Pac-Man gobbles up their money.The Pac-Man Money Box requires 3 x AAA batteries Maplin Code L42AL which are not included. The battery compartment is subtly located inside his mouth. Need to dip into your savings Coins can be retrieved by twisting and opening the cap at the bottom of the money box.Pac-Man celebrated his 30th birthday in 2010 and his popularity shows no sign of waning as he continues to reign as the most recognised video game character ever.The Pac-Man Money Box with Sound is presented in officially licensed Pac-Man packaging and makes a great gift for those who need some encouragement to save their money NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc

HP/Compaq Original 65W Laptop Power Supply ( Compaq/HP 65W 18.5V ), at Maplins
Original genuine power supply for CompaqHP laptops Guaranteed to charge your laptop computers 18.5V supply at 65W Ideal way to replace your lost or faulty adaptor or as a spare so you can travel light Complete with UK mains lead OEM Laptop power supply

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For LG A100 ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle Uncompressed Video Recorder with SDI and HDMI The worlds smallest uncompressed video recorder Dramatically improve the quality of professional or consumer cameras HyperDeck Shuttle gives you the quality of uncompressed recording Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle Uncompressed Video Recorder with SDI and HDMIThe worlds smallest uncompressed video recorderDramatically improve the quality of professional or consumer cameras HyperDeck Shuttle gives you the quality of uncompressed recording direct to common low cost SSDs in the smallest possible size HyperDeck Shuttle is small affordable and battery powered so its perfect as a field recorder. HyperDeck Shuttle bypasses your cameras compression and records from SDI and HDMI direct into the highest quality uncompressed video. SSDs are cheap and fast so you can edit directly from the SSD media itself. Only SSDs eliminate time wasting file copyingPerfect QualityCompression destroys image quality and even high end cameras compress images. Now you will never compromise quality because you can bypass the camera compression to get perfect uncompressed 10 bit SD HD video. Thats even higher quality than oadcast decks Create the sharpest VFX plates for match moving compositing and more. Get deep dynamic color range for color correction and do perfect clean keying without jagged edges caused by compression. Even on shots like flyaway hair and multi colored patterns. Now quality wont limit your creativityFaster Cost Effective WorkflowsHyperDeck Shuttle improves every step of your production workflow pipeline. For quick on set QC or client preview connect HyperDeck Shuttle to a projector or TV via the HDMI or SDI outputs. You can even edit directly from the SSD with no digitizing or file copying. Familiar VTR FeelThe HyperDeck Shuttle has standard deck style function buttons as well as LEDs that indicate input signal lock recording and battery status. With the affordable HyperDeck Shuttle you wont be tying up your expensive VTRs but youll still be in familiar operating territory. Unparalleled File CompatibilityWhy be locked into one NLE or color grading system.

Handy Pocket Solar Charger ( Pocket Solar Charger ), at Maplin
When fully charged can power an iPod up to 3 hours mobile phone up to 1 hour talk time PSP up to 2.5 hours and PDA up to 3 hours Holds its battery charge for up to 3 months Charges handheld devices whilst having its internal battery charged by its solar cells or USB charge cable The solar panels can charge the internal battery in as little as 15 hours or 4 hours when using the supplied USB charging cable Includes 5 connectors for the most popular mobile phones This portable charging system can power any handheld device anywhere anytime. Its internal battery is charged either via the solar panels which take energy from the sun and store it in the battery or from a computers USB port. Should the connector required for your device not be included in the pack you can use the original USB charging cable supplied with your device.

B Grade Garmin Nuvi 52 - UK & Ireland Maps ( B Grade Nuvi 52 UK&I ), at Maplin
5 Touch Screen UK and Ireland Mapping Lane assist Junction View Cyclops Safety Cameras Where am I - Emergency Locator Garmin Nüvi 52 offers navigation at its simplest. The Nüvi 52 is part of the Essential Series line and has a bright 5 dual orientation touch screen spoken turn-by-turn directions and innovative driver-friendly features. Preloaded maps for the UK and Ireland let you locate addresses and millions of points of interest with ease. Lane assist with junction view uses brightly coloured arrows and detailed images to indicate the proper lane for a turn or exit. The Nüvi 52 also displays your current speed speed limit with warnings of upcoming safety cameras and accurate time of arrival. This new addition to the Essential Series is sleeker and more slim line with a re-designed mount that attaches from behind for less distraction.

Multilayer Metallised Polyester Film Capacitors ( 470n Poly Film ), at Maplin
Multilayer metallised polyester film capacitors Epoxy resin sealed in a flame-retardant thermoplastic case UL94VO Highly reliable and stable over a very wide temperature range -40anddegC to 85anddegC Non-inductive standard 5mm lead spacing and are primarily intended for PCB mounting

TP-Link 8 Port Gigabit Desktop Switch with 4 Port PoE ( TP 8 Gb Switch PoE ), at Maplins
8 101001000Mbps RJ45 ports With four PoE ports transfers data and power on one single cable Working with IEEE 802.3af compliant PDs expands home and office network Requires no configuration and installation TL-SG1008P is easy to install and use. It requires no configuration and installation. With desktop design outstanding performance and quality the TP-LINK TL-SG1008P 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE is a great selection for expanding your home or office network. 8-Port Gigabit Desktop Switch with 4-Port PoE provides the seamless network connection. It integrates 1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet and 10100Mbps Fast Ethernet network capabilities. 4 of the 8 Auto-Negotiation RJ45 ports port-1 to port-4 of the switch support Power over Ethernet PoE function. These PoE ports can automatically detect and supply power with those IEEE 802.3af compliant Powered Devices PDs. In this situation the electrical power is transmitted along with data in one single cable allowing you to expand your network where there are no power lines or outlets where you wish to fix devices such as APs IP Cameras or IP Phones etc. TL-SG1008P has the priority function which will help protect the system when the system power is overloaded. If all PoE PDs power consumption is 53W a priority will be arranged among the PoE ports then the system will cut off the power of the lowest-priority port. Priority port-1port-2port-3port-4 This function will help protect the system if the system power becomes overloaded. For example Port 1 2 and 4 are using 15.4w maximum power per port is 15.4W the system power is 46.2w in total PoE max LED is red . If there is an additional PD inserted to Port 3 with 10w then the system will cut off Port 4 to protect the system this means Port 1 2 will use 15.4w and Port3 will use 10w and no power will be supplied to Port 4.

4-Piece Hi-Vis Brass Padlocks Set 20mm ( BrassPadlock20mm 4Pk ), at Maplin
Each set includes 20mm brass padlock and 2 brass keys covered in Hi-Vis PVC Chrome-plated steel shackles Green blue pink and fuchsia

Bondloc Oil Tolerant Nutlock and Seal medium strength ( Oil Tolerant Nutlock ), at Maplins
Oil tolerant thread lock is designed for direct application onto as received parts with a light covering of oil Replaces locking nuts Oil tolerant Prevents loosening Medium strength Locks threads prevents loosening seals out moisture to prevent corrosion and resists most chemicals. It is ideal for small screws including electronic circuit board fixings instrumentation housing fasteners spectacle frame screws and many more. Please note We are not allowed to sell butane or solvent based products to persons under the age of 18.

Phenom™II X6 ASUS Board Bundle + 4GB DDR3 Memory ( B Grade Phen2 X6 Bun ), at Maplin
ASUS performance 6 CORE motherboard bundle AMD SIX CORE PhenomII X6 1055T AM3 CPU 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Fast memory module with Heat Spreader ASUS M4A78LT-M LE Motherboard ASUS Silent Square EVO high performance heat pipe cooler AMD 760GSB710 chipset Integrated ATI Radeon 3000 Graphics with VGA DVI-D ports Fast PCI-Express X16 graphics port for future graphics expansion Hybrid CrossFireX Support For Windows Vista or later versions AMD CoolnQuiet technology HyperTransport 3.0 technology provides 2.6 times more bandwidth than HyperTransport 1.0 ASUS Q-Fan technology intelligently adjusts CPU fan speeds according to system loading ASUS Turbo Key allows the user to turn the PC power button into a physical overclocking button Personalize your system with customizable boot logo Integrated 8-channel High Definition audio Gigabit LAN for fast networking and broadband Expansion slots 1 x PCI-E X16 1 x PCI Express X1 2 x PCI slots 6 xSATA 3 Gbs ports with Support RAID 0110JBOD 1x IDE port for 2 x Ultra DMA133 devices 4 x USB 2.0 ports Experience the phenomenal using the AMD PhenomII X6 processors. Get amazing speed with quad-core performance Due to OS limitation when installing using memory of 4GB capacity or more Windows 32-bit operation system may only recognize less than 3GB. Install a 64-bit Windows OS if you want to recognise 4GB or more memory on a motherboard.

Extension Kits ( Extension Kit 30m ), at Maplins
Everything you need to provide an outlet for a second telephone extension Plug into an existing socket Cable lengths of 10m 15m 20m 25m and 30m are available Pack of suitable cable clips provided Kits are approved for private DIY installation and full instructions are supplied A range of kits containing everything you need to provide an outlet for a second or subsequent telephone extension. The kits simply plug into an existing socket and provide a new double socket at that point for the existing telephone etc. to plug back into. Note The 30 metre kit has two extension sockets as illustrated the other kits have one socket.

This Circular Polarizing filter designed for todays cameras is a must for photographers. The polarizer will help cut glare and reflection resulting in better contrast and deeper color. being a High-Trans Titanium Filter This filter has very high transmissive properties utilizing multicoatings and a. Titanium oxide component. These filters are mounted in a light weight metal ring with a matte black anti reflective inner ring and a titanium finish outer ring to identify the titanium oxide componenet in the filter. The new coatings for this filter increases hardness and reduces the suceptibility to smearing.

Power Dock 2 ( B Grade Power Dock 2 ), at Maplin
Dual Charging Base for iPod and iPhone Sturdy brush metal base plugs into wall socket Charges any combination of iPods models Includes 8 universal dock inserts to fit most iPod models

Trust Stello Mini Memory Card Reader ( Stello Card Reader ), at Maplin
High speed memory card reader with very compact design thats easy to take with you Supports all popular compact sized memory cards from mobile phones and digital cameras including latest generation SDXC cards Short attached USB cable that can be clicked into the card reader takes up very little space in your notebook bag High-Speed USB 2.0 ensures quick access and transfer of files Just plug-in and start no need to install a driver

3.6kg Heavy Duty Magnetic Pick-Up Tool ( 3.6kg HD PickupTool ), at Maplins
Enables ferrous objects up to 3.6kg 8lb to be recovered from restricted spaces Includes convenient pocket clip

Mylar Film Capacitors ( Mylar 0.001 ), at Maplin
A supplementary range of general purpose capacitors Inductively wound with an epoxy resin coating

DJ Tech Portable PA System with MP3 Playback ( DJT Stage Visa 200 ), at Maplin
This mobile solution is ideal for seminars and presentations as well as discos karaoke and small musical performances Rock your MP3s use for public address or use for karaoke Ultimate convenience - one lightweight unit to transport that unpacks into 2 speakers and a mixeramplifier 140 watt mixer amplifier - 2 x 70W per channel with limiter 5-channel mixer with USB input for MP3 players 2 x 6.5-inch coaxial speaker drivers give all high-quality full-ranged sound EZ lock system with butterfly clips for transportation Playback MP3s from USB media or SD cards with included adaptor Ultra resistant lightweight ABS cabinet Inputs 3 x mic sockets XLR and jack 1 x stereo 2 x jack and 1 x MP3 2 x phono USB host for MP3 playback 8 x 24-Bit DSP effects with adjustable parameters and levels Additional 3-band EQ for channels 1-4 RCA record output and 2 jack speaker outputs 48V phantom power for CH1 to CH 3 suitable for condenser microphones Includes remote control for MP3 function Dimensions complete system 310L x 215W x 310H mm Weight complete system 14 kg

Metal Film 0.6W Resistor ( Min Res 6k8 ), at Maplin
Ideal replacement for carbon film 14W 13W or 12W types Body size is the same as 14W types Superior replacement to most metal oxide and thick film resistors Note that to make up odd values not stocked resistor networks may be built and if all the resistors in the network have a 1 tolerance then the tolerance of the whole network will still be 1 tolerance.

Pen Grip Pin Pusher ( Pin Pusher ), at Maplins
Pocket sized fastening tool Quality wooden handle Ideal for pushing black steel pins Great for setting miniature n-gauge rail track on to board or for nailing tasks on wooden boat models dolls houses etc Can push pins into 9mm plywood

Microbox Drill Set ( Microbox drill set ), at Maplin
High Speed Steel metric drills from 0.3 to 1.6mm in a handy plastic index box with sliding top. Keeps drills securely in place and dispenses one drill at a time

IFrogz Audio Coda Headphones With Mic - RED - Boyz Toys ( IFrogz Audio Coda He ), at Maplins
The iFrogz Coda headphones are lightweight with a detachable cord. Sleek detachable cable ensures protection against accidental dislocation and allows for interchangeable cords of various length colors or materials. Also features inline mic tangle resistant nylon cord and angled jack. Single button remotemicrophone.

RGB Video Leads ( RGB Cable 3m ), at Maplins
24K hard gold-plated connectors High quality oxygen-free copper OFC multi-strand cable 5 Year warranty Includes three gold-plated phono to BNC adaptors Durable and highly flexible PVC outer jacket Colour-coded connectors for easy identification Pure copper braid and aluminium foil dual shielding to block RFIEMI interference Available in 4 lengths including extra-long The Nikkai Pure Connectivity RGB interconnect is designed for component video signals for the ultimate in picture quality. RGB is becoming more widely used especially for flat-screen and plasma TVs and projectors. These leads use phono RCA connectors and are supplied with three gold-plated phono to BNC adaptors for monitors that use the BNC connector. Available in four lengths 1.5m 3m 5m and 10m.

Hercules DJ Control Instinct - Portable DJ Mix Controller ( DJ Control Instinct ), at Maplin
The best and easiest way to mix music at parties and put your own mark on the music you love Portable lightweight twin deck DJ Mix Controller Includes DJUCED DJ software Customise music with effects loops scratch sounds and more Adjust the music tempo Boost the bass add sounds or effects - all in real-time live Play one piece and monitor next track with headphones only compatible with 4 channel or greater sound cards Control playback with jog-wheel and play cue next and previous track buttons Set the speed tempo with Auto Beat pitch pitch bend and master tempo buttons 3-band EQ on each channel bass mid and treble Mix the 2 virtual decks with 2 volume sliders and crossfader USB powered - no power supply required Compatible with PC and Mac DJUCED DJ software Function-rich software for both beginners and advanced DJsUser-friendlyGet started mixing in just minutes the controller and the software fit perfectly together. Instantly view the beats track lengths and which songs fit well for the next track to be playedRewardingSet the pitch intuitively or sync automatically for smooth transitions. Customize your songs with loops effects and samplesCreativeCreate your own sound with filters or the step sequencer. Save your mix in audio files you can share with your friends.DJ control surfaceBorn to mixIntuitiveThe mixer and deck areas are clearly differentiated. The structure has the look and feel of 2 DJ CD players and a mixer.PowerfulScratch tracks with no latency on pressure-detecting jog wheels. Tweak your songs with hot cue samples loops and effects keys.StylishGorgeous design glossy decks brushed mixer rubber on caps. Orange backlights show the status of the controlsDJ audio interfaceMix and previewing outputsPlay the mix on the rear panel outputs2 formats for the mix 2 Phono and a 3.5mm stereo mini-jack output. Powerful enough for both hi-fi systems and PA system speakers. Since both output formats play simultaneously you can connect the Phone outputs to a PA system and the 3.5mm mini-jack to DJ booth speakers.Preview output on front panel3.5mm stereo mini-jack output for headphones. Headphone controls on the controller cue select and volume. Compatible with headphones from 32 to 600 ohms.

Rolson Folding Tradesman Knife with Carabineer ( Folding Knife ), at Maplin
Lightweight aluminium handle with belt clip 60mm blade length and measures just 105mm when folded Weight 75g Stainless steel blade Please note that under the Offensive Weapons Act 1996 this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

1A Positive Fixed Voltage Regulators ( TS7805CZ ), at Maplin
Output current up to 1A No external components required Internal thermal overload protection Internal short-circuit current limiting Output transistor safe-area compensation Output voltage offered at 4 tolerance These voltage regulators are monolithic integrated circuits designed as fixed voltage regulators for a wide variety of applications including local on-card regulation. The regulators employ internal current limiting thermal shutdown and safe area compensation. With adequate heatsink they can deliver output currents up to 1A. Although primarily designed as a fixed voltage regulator these devices can be used with external components to obtain adjustable voltages and currents. This range is offered in TO-220 and ISOWATT-220 style packages.

12V 10W Standard Festoon 11x38mm Blue ( 12V 10W 11x38mm Blue ), at Maplin
Coloured interior bulbs All products are for off road and show use only Lights should not be visible to other road users Not legal for use on public highways Size 11 x 38mm

Power Cable for In-Car Entertainment Systems ( 8AWG Cable Red ), at Maplin
High quality 8AWG flexible copper cable 700 strands of 0.12mm diameter copper Available in black or red This cable is for use with car audio equipment and is NOT intended for connecting to other car electrical accessories. This product is sold in units of 1 metre up to a maximum length in 1 piece of 50 metres Orders placed for a quantity of 50 units or multiples of 50 units will be supplied on a reel otherwise the cable will be supplied cut to length To place an order for this product enter the total number of units you require

1.5 Ton Cargo Lash 4m x 30mm ( CL 1.5 Ton 4m x 30mm ), at Maplins
Heavy duty weather resistant nylon webbing Quick release high tension handle Double J-hook ends 4m long x 30mm wide Conforms to BS EN 12195

1&quarter;in. (31mm) Time Delay (T) ( 1.1/4 A/S 10A 10 PK ), at Maplin
Glass tube time-delay acting fuses with nickel-finish brass end caps overall size 31.8 x 6.35mm 1andquarter x andquarterin. diameter. Recommended for where high starting currents or surge currents are expected. Designed to IEC127. Rated at 60Vac with a breaking capacity of 35A for fuses up to 1A 100A for fuses up to 3.5A and 200A for those rated over 3.5A. Available in the following ratings 250mA 500mA 1A 1.6A 2A 3.15A 5A 6.3A 10A 16A Supplied in packs of 10.

Plantronics Voyager Legend Bluetooth Headset Black ( Voyager Legend ), at Maplins
Sensors transfer and auto-answer calls Multi mics cancel wind and background noise Say Answer to take a call Announces incoming callers name PBAP Convenient dedicated controls Magnetic snap-fit connection makes charging quick and easy Check your headsets battery level from your iPhone or use our apps to show meter on your Android Balanced light comfortable design Update your headset language for voice control and more Discreet car charger Introducing Plantronics Voyager Legend the newest headset in the Voyager family to deliver unsurpassed audio clarity and all-day comfort for the longest of calls. Combining triple-mics that cancel noise and wind and Smart Sensor technology Voyager Legend understands how and when you want to talk. Sensors react when you put the headset on letting you quickly take a call without a click. If youre already wearing it Voyager Legend announces whos calling and waits for you to say Answer or Ignore. Simply check the on-screen battery meter on your iPhone or Android smartphone. With technology this advanced Voyager Legend is the first truly intelligent Bluetooth headset.

Amazing H2O Pump ( Amazing H2O Pump ), at Maplin
An ideal project to introduce electronics to the younger enthusiast Teaches the basic concepts of water flow Electronically pump the ball to the top of the tower Kit is stored within and built on the included case Requires 2 x AA batteries sold separately - Order Code L43AL Suitable for ages 8

Alesis Performance Pad ( Performance Pad ), at Maplins
8 natural feeling velocity-sensitive drum pads with Dynamic Articulation Built-in professional drum machine so you can record and play back your own beats 50 Preset 50 User drum kits with 233 sounds assignable to any pad Built-in rhythm patterns to complement your playing Large LCD display with easy-to-navigate interface Dynamic Articulation stereo samples with reverb and ambience for realistic playing 2 foot-switch inputs for external kick and HiHat sold separately Stereo input to play along with your CD or MP3 player MIDI output to play external MIDI devices High-quality 24-bit stereo and headphone outputs Lightweight durable enclosure 1-128 beats per-pattern time signature range Tempo range 20-255bpm Performance Pad features eight velocity-sensitive drum pads and a built-in electronic drum machine with professional sounds and features. You can create and record your own beats from scratch or play along with the built-in patterns. With Performance Pad you can practice quietly with headphones or plug into an amplifier.Performance Pad includes foot-switch inputs for a bass drum pedal HiHat pedal and a Line-level input to connect a CD Player iPod computer or other audio device so that percussionists can play along with nearly any recorded mix. Built-in rhythm patterns are also included to compliment playing.Dynamic Articulation technology is included to add nuance to the feel of every drum hit. In addition there are industry-standard mounting holes on the bottom for easy attachment to an existing drum kit rack.The 24-bit high-quality headphone output on the Performance Pad insures a no-compromise playback experience without disturbing others. Connection to keyboards and sound modules is made simple thanks to the integrated MIDI output.Performance Pad brings together quality feel and and legendary drum sounds for the perfect all-in-one percussion station

Danubia Delta 20 Catadioptric Reflector Astro Telescope ( Danubia Delta 20 Cat ), at Maplins
Up to 332X Magnification EQ-1 Equatorial Mount Includes 2x Eyepieces Barlow 2x Lens 5x24 Finderscope and Moon Filter The Danubia Delta 20 is an extremely compact mirror astro Telescope and is very competitively priced in ratio to the performance for such a large focal length. The focal length of the Delta 20 Telescope is 1000mm with a maximum magnification of 332x. The Delta 20 Telescope has a EQ-1 Equatorial Mount with counterweights and Flexible Shafts for making very fine adjustments. The astro Telescope comes complete with an Aluminium Tripod. You can expand the focal length with additional Eyepieces not included.

Kenro Wall Boom Bracket Large for Lighting Head FEWB1690 ( Kenro Wall Boom Brac ), at Maplins
This is an ideal system for a small studio where space is at a premium The lights can be folded back against a wall when not in use This is an ideal system for a small studio where space is at a premium. The lights can be folded back against a wall when not in use.

HD Action Camcorder ( HD Action Camcorder ), at Maplin
Record professional high definition action videos in HD 1080p 1920 x 1080 pixels with 3x digital zoom and stereo audio Capture 8 mega pixel still images with continuous and triple shot burst modes Great for any conditions with supplied clip on waterproof casing providing protection to a depth of 20m Watch live video and playback footage on the detachable 1.5 LCD screen or on HD TV using the HDMI connection cable not included 2.5 hours of recording per charge via the removable lithium-ion battery Records on to an Micro SD card up to 64GB not included or use the USB cable to transfer to PC or Mac for easy uploading to your favourite websites Included helmet mount and 2 different sized universal mounting brackets perfect for mounting on bikes cars skateboards and a whole host of other devices Remote control included for easy operation Create hands-free action video while cycling mountain biking motorbike riding car driving skiing snowboarding surfing swimming running walking rafting skydiving making music or enjoying any adrenaline-pumping activity Contents ListHD Action CameraRemovable 1.5in LCD DisplayWaterproof CaseRemote ControlBatteryMounting bracket for flat surfaceMounting bracket for HelmetCamera fixingPouchUSB CableCDUser ManualPower Supply

Hardwood Shaft Claw Hammer 8oz ( HWShaftClaw Hamm 8oz ), at Maplin
Forged steel head with polished striking face and hardwood shaft

IFrogz Earpollution Transport EarBuds with Mic - BLUE - Boyz Toys ( IFrogz Earpollution ), at Maplins
A distinctive turbine engine design gives a dashing modern look to the iFrogz Transport EarBuds. The compact efficient speaker driver is engineered to deliver the clearest purest sound without scrimping on bass. Featuring a anti-tangle cord and right angle jack Transport EarBuds also include a convenient in-line single button remotemicrophone to control mobile devices. Each package also features three noise-isolating in-canal ear bud tip sizes to fit any ear. Single button remotemicrophone is compatible with Apple BlackBerry Android and all other media devices with a 3.5mm jack.NOT INCLUDED. 7 mm driver unit.

Resin-Dipped Ceramic Capacitors ( Monores Cap 220pF ), at Maplins
A range of high quality multilayer plate ceramic capacitors offering a very high capacitance in a very small case at a very economical price. Applications include coupling decoupling and filtering.

Groov-e Kandy Earphones - Purple. ( Groov-e Kandy Earpho ), at Maplin
These Kandy earphones allow you to make the most of your iPod or mp3 player this kandy earphones has high quality driver units make for crisp treble and fantastically deep bass altogether in a comfortable fit design.

Polypropolene Capacitors with Metal Foil ( 1250V 2200pF PolyP ), at Maplin
Extremely high pulse duty Self-healing Internal series connection Very low dissipation factor Negative capacitance versus temperature RoHS compliant 200295EC These capacitors are ideal for high pulse high frequency applications such as switch mode power supplies converters in drives and power electronics deflection systems in monitors and TV sets and electronic ballasts

Kodak Hero 5.1 Wi-Fi Multifunction Printer ( Kodak Hero 5.1 ), at Maplin
Lowest total ink replacement cost. Save on everything you print. 2.4-inch color LCD wquick access multi-button control panel 1200 dpi scan 9600 dpi enhanced Wireless printing via Wi-Fi Integrated card reader Double-sided printing 4.63.7 ipm Cloud printing - Print emails and attachments from your mobile device 3D printing Print from Video Facebook Flikr Gallery

Rolson Flexible Magnetic Work Mat ( FlexiMagnet workmat ), at Maplin
300mm x 300mm flexible and foldable magnetic mat Ideal for holding tools and hardware keep them organized and handy Can be cut into smaller strips Adheres to any iron or steel surface Wont scratch paint Durable and chemical resistant material easily wipes clean Grommets for hanging Use as sweep to pick up metal objects

Twin Phono Extension Leads ( 2x Pho ext Lead 1.5m ), at Maplin
Nickel plated connectors Fully screened audio cable Durable PVC jacket Cable strain relief to protect the cable Available in 3 lengths 1.5m 3m and 5m Phono plug to phono socket. This lead is ideal for extending existing phono cable runs.

iHolder In-Car Rotating Phone Holder - BlackBerry 9790 Bold Bellagio ( iHolder In-Car Rotat ), at Maplin
The iHolder car holder is designed to allow you to position your mobile phone or mp3 player in either landscape or portrait modes either on your cars windscreen or the dashboard. The iHolder car holder is a small and discreet windscreen and dash board mount which wont obscure your view of the road. Its designed with a unique ball joint and bracket system which allows you to use the holder on either your cars windscreen or the dashboard. Its rotating bracket allows you to use your device in either landscape or portrait mode which is perfect if you want to use your mobile phone as a sat nav. The holder comes with an adhesive plate which fixes on to your dashboard allowing you to use the car holder either on your windscreen or on your dashboard which makes it perfect if youre using your phone as your Sat Nav whilst driving. With the adjustable swivel bracket you can easily remove the car holder from your windscreen and place it on the dashboard. As the holder uses a ball joint you can position your device at any angle making it easier for your to position your device at a comfortable viewing angle. The suction mount offers a superior grip to whatever surface you apply it to ensuring that your mobile phone wont fall causing damage to your device. The holders extending arm means that it fits the majority of modern devices with or without a case installed so you dont need to keep removing your phone from its case to use it in the car. The opening at the bottom of the holder means you can still access your charging socket or 3.5mm socket at all times. The arms extend to a maximum of 8cm which is enough for all but the largest smartphones. It features soft pads which gently cushion your device whilst its in the holder ensuring that your device will not slip out of the holder but also it wont pick up any scratches whilst its there. Dimension of the pad is approximately 6cm

Spare Parts for N22GU 3-Channel R/C Lynx Helicopter ( N22GU 9065-13 ), at Maplins
A range of spare parts for the N22GU 3-Channel RC Lynx Helicopter.

12-Piece Assorted Turbo Twist Screwdriver Set ( 12PcTurboTwist SDSet ), at Maplin
Mechanicsengineers pattern with Slip-Not ergonomic soft-grip handles Chrome vanadium hardened and tempered blades with satin finish and blacked tips Includes slotted flared 6 x 38mm 6 x 100mm 8 x 150mm Includes Parallel tip 5 x 100mm 5 x 150mm Includes Phillips No1 x 75mm No2 x 75mm No3 x 100mm Includes Pozi No1 x 75mm No2 x 75mm No3 x 100mm

2.5mm Mono Chassis Socket ( 2.5 Jack Socket ), at Maplin
A 2.5mm jack socket open-type with break contact. Mounting hole 3.8mm diameter.

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