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Maplin … Sharp LCD TV - TV Stands - UK Home Electronics - Flat Screen TV Offer - UK Electronics - HDTV UK - Washing Machines - Cheap Electrical Components - Electrical Store - Maplin Electronics UK - Plasma Televisions - Maplins Rebate - Discount Electrical Goods UK - Widescreen TV Sale - Xbox HDTV - TFT TV - Maplins Online - Electrical - Electrical Shops In UK - Maplin London - Misco UK - Currys UK - Maplin - Currys UK - Maplins Electrical UK - 5V 3mm LEDs ( 3mm 5V LED Green ) Two 3mm diameter LEDs from the 5V series in a T-1 package. These LEDs have a 5V integral current limiting resistor, which means no external current limiter is required with a 5V supply. Both types have a diffused lens and a wide viewing angle of 60°. 5VA PCB Mounting Transformers ( 5W 1x18V PCB Tx ) · Vacuum potted · Split bobbin winding· Insulation class ta 70° C/B· Short circuit proof· VDE, SEV, UL, CSA & ENEC approved 5Vp-p PCB Piezo Transducer ( 5Vp-p PCB Piezo ) · RoHS compliant· PCB mountable· Sealed base· Wave solderable and washable 5Vp-p PCB Piezo Transducer ( 5Vp-p PCB Piezo ) 5Vp-p PCB Piezo Transducer ( 5Vp-p PCB Piezo ) Maplin, Maplins ... Advanced Solderless Breadboard System ( Breadboard AD-11 ) Advanced Solderless Breadboard SystemA range of solderless breadboard modules that can interconnect to suit individual requirements. The basic board AD-01 consists of four blocks of six columns of 28 rows, the sockets in each row being interconnected. The blocks are a standard DIP size apart, although MSI and LSI type chips can be used. At both ends of the blocks, there are two power busses. The Red bus is made up of two separate rows of 12 connecting sockets, and the Black bus is one row of 24 connecting sockets.There is an additional ... Insulated Crimp Terminal - ‘Lucar’ Male ( Lucar Male Red ) Insulated Crimp Terminal - ‘Lucar’ Male ( Lucar Male Red ) Maplin, Maplins ... Replacement for Panasonic DMWBC7 Camera Battery ( DMWBC7 3.7V 720mAh ) Generic replacement for Panasonic DMWBC7 battery suitable for the following cameras:Panasonic Lumix DMCF7 ... 4 Way Stereo Speaker Switch Box ( Speaker 4way Switch ) 4 Way Stereo Speaker Switch Box ( Speaker 4way Switch ) Maplin, Maplins ... CD-R Audio 80 Minute 5 and 10 Packs ( 5 x CD-R Audio 80min ) · Ultimate compatibility and sound performance· 80 minute recordable audio CD· Available in 5 and 10 packs 80 minute CD recordable audio using advanced TDK REFLEX technology which ensures ultimate compatibility and sound performance with all digital CD recorders. ... Maplin Online Sale | Maplin Electrical, UK.

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At the Maplin Electrical shop you'll find all manner of Electrical products, discounts and best-ever prices. From the incredible Maplin range of HDTV televisions to Maplin washing machines, widescreen TV's, vacuum cleaners, Maplin computers and accessories … and much more. Below is just a tiny selection of what you'll find at Maplin Online, UK:
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The wide selection of electronics products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplin offers to take advantage of:

Marumi DHG Super Circular PL Filter 49mm ( Marumi DHG Super Cir ), at Maplin
Marumi Digital High Grade filters have been specially designed with Digital Photography in mind Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras Other anti-reflect features include a special slim frame with satin smooth finish and a black ink process on the glass edge to eliminate flare Marumi Digital High Grade filters have been specially designed with Digital Photography in mind. Each filter uses a specially developed ultra-low reflection coating to minimize internal reflection off the cameras built-in CCD and CMOS Sensors. Other anti-reflect features include a special slim frame with satin smooth finish and a black ink process on the glass edge to eliminate flare. Marumi DHG Super Circular Polarising filters incorporate the same features as the Digital High Grade range plus 2 additional benefits.

i-Station Base iPad Speaker Dock (MPS024) ( i-Station iPad Base ), at Maplin
iPad speaker dock to charge listen to music and view videos or photos Also compatible with iPhone and iPod 2 Neodymium speaker drivers delivering 6Watts of RMS power Remote control to navigate simple features of the docked iPadiPhoneiPod App enabled speaker - Features World Clock Weather Multiple Alarms Photos and Play list control Unique cable management system for either portrait or landscape

Edimax Single Band N150 Wireless Personal Hotspot & Travel Router ( EM Psnl Hspot Rtr ), at Maplins
The worlds tiniest travel router and personal hotspot Adds Ethernet Connectivity to Devices Compact and portable and capable of storing your login information for multiple networks. Multiple wireless devices including smartphones ultrabooks and tablet computers can go online at once Features iQ Setup for smart and automatic quick installation. Wireless 11n speedComplies with IEEE 802.11bgn standards up to 150Mbps . Share single account with multiple devicesShare a single internet connection with multiple wireless devices such as smartphones and ultrabooks. 3-in-1 operationsRouter access point WISPWireless ISP. Secured wireless encryptionWEP 64128 bit WPA and WPA2. Smart iQ SetupFeatures iQ Setup for smart and automatic quick installation. Access KeeperRemembers the login information and settings for a connection and automatically applies them the next time the user tries to log on there. Powered by USB portPowered by a laptops USB port or by a portable USB adapter no external power adapter required. Miniature space-saving stylishCompact size and multiple features for every modern traveler and businessman.

Memory Foam Back Rest ( Memory Foam BackRest ), at Maplin
Temperature and pressure sensitive foam Molds to your body for maximum comfort Helps relieve back discomfort Adjustable straps for use on most chairs This back rest provides an ergonomic solution for back problems and is a comfortable support for your back. It has been designed to easeprevent lower back pain as well as improving general posture. The fabric cover can be washed. The adjustable straps mean that the back rest is suitable for use on most chairs.

PA 100V Attenuators ( PA 100V 24W Attentr ), at Maplins
A range of various wattage attenuators for 100V PA systems Attractively styled rotary switch designed to attenuate the signal fed to loudspeakers Fits standard flush back box. Available in 6W 12W 24W 36W and 50W

12V Twin Socket Adaptor ( 12V Twin Skt Bat Ana ), at Maplins
Illuminated LED light ring - visibility and style 3 led battery analyser function - provides guidance on how your vehicle battery is performing Mounting arms

2.5mm Screened Mono Chassis Socket ( 2.5 Mono Chas Skt ), at Maplins

B Grade Mini MPEG4 HDMI DVD Player with USB and Card Reader ( B Grade1080pHDMIDVD ), at Maplin
Multi-format DVD player with HDMI output for quality upscaling USB and memory card SD MMC and MS slots to view photos listen to music and playback MPEG4 AVI video Component HDMI CVBS SCART and S-Video outputs Digital optical and digital coaxial 5.1 sound outputs Upscales DVDs to a true 1080p HD video signal Compatible with DVD VCD SVCD Audio-CD CD-RRW DVD-RRW DVDRRW Multi-region compatible Supports .AVI files in DivX and Xvid video codecs Supports .SRT .SUB .TXT .SMI .SA and .ASS subtitle formats Includes full-function remote control Compact and snazzy the HDMI DVD player packs in a punch providing excellent value for money. It does away with the need for using only compact discs if required as it works brilliantly with a USB pen drive. In addition the Mini MPEG4 HDMI DVD Player has a memory card reader maximising its innumerable possibilities from viewing photographs to listening to music and watching videos. The HDMI DVD player comes fully equipped with coaxial and optical digital outputs and it also plays the latest DivX MPEG4 and Xvid video codecs as well. With the HDMI output you can connect this DVD player to your HD-Ready TV and it will upscale the image to 1080p enhancing your viewing pleasure.

Nikkai 12V Modified Sinewave 150W Inverter with USB Charging Socket ( 150W Inverter + USB ), at Maplins
Run mains powered equipment direct from your car DC 12V socket Includes a 500mA USB charging port for modern devices Suitable for mobile phones camcorders AV equipment laptops and portable work lights 150 watts continuous power with 450 watts surge Automatic alarm and shutdown protection against overload over temperature and low-battery conditions If you need to run small mains powered equipment up to 150W then the solution is to use this DC 12V to AC 230V power inverter. This portable unit can power devices such as laptops TVs stereos games consoles and more. This unit also boasts a 500mA USB socket that can charge your small electronics devices. The unit connects directly into the vehicles cigarette lighter socket.

Nikkai HD Pro Antenna Interconnect 1m ( Pro Coax Ld 1m ), at Maplins
24K gold-plated contacts Interference Absorption Technology Physical foam PE insulation Strong strain relief 1m Cable length Lifetime warranty Pro HD Antenna Interconnects ensures that the TVsatellite connection from the wall socket arrives interference-free at your satellite boxDVDTV. Featuring 24k gold connectors and physical foam insulation to offer an outstanding quality interconnect. This is the first important link in any HD system.

These bi-color cases with flashy and dynamic colors will lift your spirits for sure but are also available with more pastel shades for those who prefer to stay in sobriety. Their technical characteristics are endless They are compatible with SLR and lenses they are two-tone but also come with a removable divider Velcro a shoulder strap and finally slip pads and protectors.

4CH RC Helicopter with Gyro ( 4CH RC Helicopter ), at Maplins
Unique side rotor design allows for sideways movement 4 channel flight controls forwardreverse climbdescend leftright left rotateright rotate Stable flight controls to help beginners Easy to learn how to fly hard to master Aluminium frame and light plastic fuselage Perfect for beginners wanting to venture into the World of 4 channel helicopters 8-10 minutes of flight time 20-30 charging via a USB charger

Silverline Pocket Tyre Tread Gauge ( TyreTrdGge 1 - 25mm ), at Maplins
Pocket-sized gauge provides quick simple method of checking tyre tread depth

LightwaveRF PIR Switch Stainless Steel ( LW Wall PIR St ), at Maplin
PIR Control switch Works as part of the LightwaveRF home automation system Variable delay for lighting applications Range of finishes available When triggered the LightwaveRF Connect Wall Mountable PIR Movement Sensor will activate any number of LightwaveRF devices such as Dimmer Switches or Power Sockets. A variable delay period can be set after which those paired LightwaveRF devices then turn themselves off again. The PIR has many energy saving and security applications such as in areas which are rarely used but require automatic lighting or electric heating for short periods. It is battery operated and wireless and therefore can be located anywhere indoors.Available in 5 finishesN13LL - Stainless SteelN12LL - ChromeN11LL - Black ChromeN10LL - BrassN14LL - White

Netgear WNA3100M Single Band N300 Mini USB Network Adapter ( NG N300 Mini USB Adp ), at Maplin
Innovative mini-design Perfect for mobility Secured connection - Push N Connect offers a secured wireless Internet connection at the push of a button High levels of reliability and compatibility Easy setup with Netgear Genieandreg The Netgear N300 Wireless USB Mini Adaptor allows you to upgrade older laptops Wi-Fi and connect to Wi-Fi hotspots. The innovative mini-design makes it perfect for mobility. Easy setup with the Netgear Genieandreg gets you up and running fast while Push N Connect gives you a secured connection at the push of a button. Compatibility with Wireless-G networks allows hassle-free connection and flexibility. Netgear offer excellent technical support with an expert technical support team available 247.

Compatible Canon Camera Battery NB4L 3.7V ( CANON NB4L Camera ), at Maplin
Compatible replacement for Canon NB4L Camera Battery 3.7V 600mAh Li-Ion Generic replacement for Canon NB4L battery suitable for the following cameras Canon Digital Ixus i7 Canon Digital Ixus I Zoom Canon Digital Ixus 30 Canon Digital Ixus 40 Canon Digital Ixus 50 Canon Digital Ixus 55 Canon Digital Ixus 60 Canon Digital Ixus 65 Canon Digital Ixus 70 Canon Digital Ixus WireLess Canon Powershot SD1000 Canon Powershot SD200 Canon Powershot SD30 Canon Powershot SD300 Canon Powershot SD40 Canon Powershot SD400 Canon Powershot SD430 Canon Powershot SD450 Canon Powershot SD600 Canon Powershot SD630 Canon Powershot SD750 Canon Powershot TX1

AAA Size Battery Holders ( 4AAA Battery Box ), at Maplins
A range of battery holders to suit standard AAA size batteries The holders are moulded in black polythene

Whitenergy Compatible Toshiba Laptop Battery PA3451 4 Cell 14.8V ( 05448 BATTERY 14.8V ), at Maplin
Toshiba compatible replacement laptop battery Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original spec Rated at 14.8V 2200mAh 4 cell standard lithium-ion battery

WD-40 Specialist Anti Friction PTFE Dry Lubricant 400ml ( WD-40 Dry PFTE ), at Maplin
Withstands temperatures of -20 to 250 degrees Enhanced lubrication and protection Dry clear film that resists dirt dust and oil For use on plastic metals and glass

Extra-High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries ( Map 200mAh 9V PP3 ), at Maplins
Extra-high capacity NiMH rechargeable batteries Recharge up to 1000 times 0 mercury 0 lead 0 cadmium Save money and save the environment These extra-high capacity nickel metal hydride rechargeable batteries offer amazing value for money. Up to 1000 chargedischarge cycles can be expected and a single charge outlasts most standard alkaline batteries. This makes these the ideal choice for todays battery-hungry digital devices such as digital cameras MP3 players hand-held games etc. These are all extra-high capacity batteries with an ultra-high AA 2400mAh also available for the most demanding applications.

3-in-1 Rotary Cutter ( RotCut45mmblades 3Pk ), at Maplin
Ergonomic handle with retractable blade guard Blades can be fitted for right or left handed use Includes 4 blades 2 x straight perforating and wave Use with a cutting mat Length 170mm Blade diameter is 45mm Please note that under the Offensive Weapons Act 1996 this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.

Maplin Fibre Optic OM1 LC LC 10m Grey ( Fibre LCLC OM1 10m ), at Maplins
Length 10m LC - LC Connectors 62.5µm core 125µm cladding Duplex Multi-mode OM1 Supports 10Gb Grey LSZH jacket Insertion Loss 0.3dB

PIC16F8X ( PIC16F84A-20/P ), at Maplin
The PIC16F8X fits perfectly in applications ranging from high speed automotive and appliance motor control to low power remote sensors electronic locks security devices and smart cards. the FLASHEEPROM technology makes customisation of application programs transmitter codes motor speeds receiver frequencies security codes etc. extremely fast and convenient.

Universal FM Transmitter Stereo Connector MP3 ( Handfree FM Trans ), at Maplin
Plays music or streams phone calls from your phone to your FM radio Supports 200 channels from 87.9MHz to 107.9MHz Memorises up to 4 channels Transmits music wirelessly to any FM radio in stereo Mutes the music during calls Built-in Lithium battery Width and depth is same as an iPhone Stereo headphone jack 3.5mm stereo connector for normal headphones Built-in high quality microphone Channels sound through your car speakers Complete with car power adaptor charger Stream music and calls to any FM stereo ideal for us in cars.

Brother LC1240BK Black Ink Cartridge ( Brother LC1240BK ), at Maplins
Original Brother consumable Black Approximately 600 pages ISOIEC 24711 Compabitble with DCP-J525W DCP-J725DW DCP-J925DW MFC-J430W MFC-J625DW MFC-J6510DW MFC-J6710DW MFC-J6910DW MFC-J825DW MFC-J5910DW Brother original supplies maintain top quality results and offer great value for money. Brother employ precision engineering in the development of ink. These inks are specially designed to give you high quality results from your Brother printing technology every time.

30 to 63 Inch Adjustable Flat Panel Wall TV Mount 75kg ( 30-63 Inch Adj Mount ), at Maplin
Aluminium TFT TV mount Fixed wall bracket for LCD and plasma Now available in black to match modern TVs Includes Easy-Level to install your mount easily and precisely first time Supports up to 75kg 165lbs -15 and 15 degree adjustable tilt Mounting instructions and fixings supplied Important Only mount to a solid wall or structural battenstud checking for any hidden pipes or wires before drilling. Before attempting to fix the mount ensure you have fully read all the mounting instructions and that the load capacity of the equipment to be mounted does not exceed that specified. If in any doubt consult a professional.

CN40 High Power Solar Connectors ( Solar Line 4mm Femal ), at Maplin
A range of self locking connectors used in photo voltaic solar panel installations Chassis and line versions for male and female connections Designed for 4mm2 Line connectors incorporate a sealing gland Rated to IP67 Connector rating up to 25A Terminal copper tin plated

Nikkai Pure Connectivity Serial Null Modem 9 Pin Female to 9 Pin Female 3m ( Null 9(F)-9(F) 3m ), at Maplin
Serial Null Modem reverse wired serial cable Gold plated connections Fully shielded for error-free connections Null Modem serial leads are commonly found on connections between two PCs to allow data transfer and basic networking although there are many other uses. Pins are connected reverse layout. Available in 3m length.

Glacier Case iPhone 3GS Pink ( Glacier Case iPhone ), at Maplins
Features raised edges so if you put the device on the table face down it will protect your screen Fits your handset like a glove Buttons and ports are easy to get to without having to remove your device Ice-cool protection is the name of the game when you choose a Pro-Tec Glacier case for your device. The tough but soft silicone material and contemporary design enhances your devices stylish exterior while keeping it in tip top condition. If coolness is on your radar - this is the case for you. The Glacier range wants your phone to take the limelight. The clear case lets your phone express itself ever so coolly leaving you free to get on with being you.

Rolson 4.8V Cordless Screwdriver ( 4.8V Crdless Sdriver ), at Maplin
Forward and reverse action Palm-sized compact design Supplied with screwdriver bits and ACDC mains charger Built-in LED indicators Soft comfort grip handle

4 Models ROBO TX Automation Robots ( ROBO TX Auto Robots ), at Maplin
Build 4 models from 510 parts Educational kit for ages 10 and up Ideal for schools and universities Manufactured from durable nylon Fast safe assembly with no other tools needed Includes didactic activity material on CD The Fischertechnik system is based on a six sided building block which allows attachment and expansion on all sides. Add angular blocks structural parts and electronic components such as sensors and motors. Build models which aid learning for creativity and technical understanding. Fischertechnik ROBO TX Automation Robots kit for programmers and designers from age 10. Features four fully functional industrial robots and includes sturdy Fischertechnik aluminium struts to make High rack storage 3-axis robot and 2 other grappler style robots. The instructional activity material on CD provides support in the form of background information for projects and programming tips. For best results use in conjunction with ROBO TX Controller N15QK Accu Power set N14QK and ROBO Pro software N16QK All sold separatelyCombine multiple Fischertechnik kits to create and design your own models giving you numerous possibilities of variation.

Neckband Headset Cocos White ( Neckband Headset Coc ), at Maplin
At Sweex we try to incorporate in each of the millions of boxes we ship each year our core values affordability reliability user friendliness and the all-around good feeling that comes with buying an useful product that makes your digital environment more fun and easy.

Palit GeForce GTX 670 JetStream (2GB GDDR5/PCI Express 3.0/1006MHz/6108MHz) ( Palit GTX670 2GB JS ), at Maplins
Memory Amount 2048MB Memory Interface 256bit DRAM Type GDDR5 Graphics Clock MHz Base Clock 1006MHzBoost Clock 1084MHz Memory Clock MHz 3054MHz DDR 6108MHz CUDA Cores 1344 Memory Bandwidth GBsec 195.5 NVIDIA SLI-ready 2-way NVIDIA 3D Vision Ready NVIDIA 3D Vision Surround Ready NVIDIA PureVideo HD Technology NVIDIA PhysX-ready NVIDIA CUDA Technology NVIDIA FXAA Technology NVIDIA TXAA Technology SMX Blu-ray 3D Support TrueHD and DTS-HD Audio Bitstreaming Support Microsoft DirectX 11 OpenGL 4.2 Bus Support PCIE 3.0 Certified for Windows 7 Maximum Digital Resolution2560x1600 Maximum VGA Resolution 2048x1536 Dual-Link DVI Yes x2 HDCP HDMI1.4a DisplayPort Height 2.5 Slot PCB Width 247mm x 112mm Graphics Card Power W 185 W Minimum Recommended System Power W 500 W Supplementary Power Connectors 6-pin X2 Accessory Manual CD Driver Power Cable HDMI-DVI Adapter DVI-CRT Adapter With a single GeForce GTX you can expand your PC games across three displays in full stereoscopic 3D for the ultimate inside the game experience . NVIDIA Surround also supports triple screen gaming with non-3D Vision monitors. Add in a fourth accessory display to get access to your email web or other applications while you game.Fancy blue LED lighting on the Palit Jetstreams thermal solution provides ambient lighting to further immerse gamers into the gaming world.Unique 6-Phase PWM design reduces max current load to stabilize the voltage level and improve overclockability.Dynamically maximizes clock speeds based on workload of the game to push performance to new levels and bring out the best in every game.Support for HDMI output enables sending both high-definition video and audio signals to an HDTV via a single cable.GeForce GPU support for NVIDIA 3D Vision bringing a fully immersive stereoscopic 3D experience to the PC. A combination of high-tech wireless glasses and advanced software 3D Vision transforms hundreds of PC games into full stereoscopic 3D.TurboFan Blade design is developed by the concept of turbojet engine which emphasize on the power of thermal performance at maximum air flow and air pressure. It can provide the best thermal solution to the graphics card.DrMOS originally only available for high-end server CPUs is now available in all its glory in the next generation of Palit graphics cards. DrMOS offers high current circuits low noise operation and effective reduction of heat output.Dynamically enables vertical sync based on your current frame rates for the smoothest gaming experience.Designed for the new PCI Express 3.0 bus architecture offering the highest data transfer speeds for the most bandwidth-hungry games and 3D applications while maintaining backwards compatibility with existing PCI Express motherboards for the broadest support.DirextX 11 GPU with Shader Model 5.0 support designed for ultra high performance in the new APIs key graphics feature GPU-accelerated tessellation.Full support for NVIDIA PhysX technology enabling a totally new class of physical gaming interaction for a more dynamic and realistic experience with GeForce.

7inch Scroll Essential Tablet - Android™ 2.3 ( 7in Scroll Essential ), at Maplin
Entry level portable touch-screen Android tablet providing an expansive multimedia experience Made especially for internet browsing social networking games videos and an almost limitless number of other applications Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system Simple resistive 7 with 800 x 480 resolution and 169 aspect ratio Plays Full 1080p HD Content on Your TV or Monitor via a mini HDMI port Enjoy your favourite films on the move - great for use when youre travelling in the car or on the train in a hotel room or on holiday 1000s of Android Apps available from the SlideME market 256MB RAM 2GB Memory expandable up to 32GB with Micro SD card SD memory card slot and up to 32GB of extra storage space for storing and sharing all your favourite media files Whatever youre reading Scroll Essential makes reading a joy with instant access to a virtual librarys worth of material Wireless 802.11bg is built in for easy web-browsing access to emails and your favourite social networking sites With USB expansion a host of peripherals and accessories can be added to accompany and enhance your Scroll Attach specially designed Scroll keyboard and protective case available separately through the built-in mini-USB port In-built 16 bit G-Sensor monitors rotates screen through 360 for optimal viewing of web pages and photos Scroll Essential is a capable music player with a user-friendly interface that handles most file formats with ease Built-in 0.3 megapixel camera functions well as webcam Battery 3400mAh Li-Polymer rechargeable battery for up to 4 hours use Built-in speakers and 3.5mm earphone jack Scroll Essential is a portable touch-screen Android 2.3 tablet made especially for internet browsing social networking games apps superb quality video playback with Full 1080p HD output and an almost limitless number of other applications. The tablet comes with everything youll need to get up and running including major Android applications for e-book reading social networking news radio video instant messaging and much more. Plus 1000s of other apps are available across the internet for you to download. Scroll Essential - Everything You Need From a TabletThe Scroll Essentials party piece is its ultra-smooth video playback compatible with the latest H.264 and MKV formats. Plug Scroll Essential into your HDTV via the mini HDMI port and it becomes a 1080p full HD media player that allows you to stream HD content from the internet to your home TV for you to enjoy in the comfort of your living room. With Scroll Essential hooked up to the internet a whole world of HD content is now at your fingertips. You can enjoy your favourite films on the move - great for use when youre travelling in the car or on the train in a hotel room or on holiday - almost anywhere you go Scroll Essential can go with you. Scroll Essential is the perfect companion for social networking instant messaging and email. Stay in touch with your family and friends and share your experiences whilst on the move chat upload pictures and videos and keep up to date with the latest trends and stories online from wherever you are. Pre-loaded Apps - Adobe Reader Aldiko Book Reader Amazon Kindle BBC News es_file_explorer Evernote Facebook MSN Talk Quick System Info Pro Slider Me Market Place TuneIn Radio Twitter WildTangent Games and YouTube.Scroll Essential is everything you need from a tablet.1080p HD output require a compatible TV or Monitor and an HDMI cable available separately.

Invader 4 Channel FPV RC Helicopter Replacement Connector Set ( N07NB Connector set ), at Maplin
N07NB Connector Set

Acctim Radio Controlled Digital LCD Alarm Clock ( RC Clock with Therm ), at Maplin
Radio controlled clock signal keeps the correct time BSTGMT changes are updated automatically Displays the indoor temperature Day and date are displayed on the large easy to read LCD Feature a crescendo alarm

Sylvania Eco Halogen Lamps ( Hal GLS 70W/100W BC ), at Maplin
Sylvania premium quality Eco Halogen lamps Up to 30 energy saving Ideal replacement for inefficient incandescent bulbs Available in a range of shapes and base fittings Instant light no warm up time like CFLs Can be used with dimmers With rising energy costs now has never been a better time to switch to more efficient lighting. With an energy saving of up to 30 and instant dimmable light Eco-halogens offer an excellent replacement to wasteful incandescent lamps

50 LP Flight Case ( 50LP Case ), at Maplin
Tough carrying case especially designed for 12-inch vinyl records Holds up to 50 LPs Extruded aluminium edgings for strength Padded lining Lockable latches Internal dimensions H x W x D 335 x 325 x 225 mm Dimensions H x W x D 340 x 325 x 230 mm

Lie Detector Kit ( Lie Detector Kit ), at Maplin
Demonstrates the basic principles of lie detection the change in resistance of skin in the presence of perspiration Requires 1 x 9V PP3 battery Order Code L46AL

65 Inch Flat & Tilt Wall TV Mount 60kg ( OFA 65in Flat Tilt ), at Maplin
A high quality and easy to install wall mount for LCDPlasma TVs Holds up to 65 screens Close to the wall 39mm 3 fixed positions for tilt 0 7 12deg Plate supports up to 865x535 fixings Solid rigid construction up to 60 kg Built-in spirit level for easy installation and adjustment Anti-theft mechanism Easy to install with the installation card and online setup movie Product dimensions 870 x 340 x 40 mm Product weight 5.1kg

Power from Space Kit ( Power from Space Kit ), at Maplin
Captures electrical energy from space to power an LCD clock Circuit simply and safely rectifies a tiny fraction of the mega-watts of RF energy from radioTV transmissions Requires at least 21 metres of wire for the antenna and ground wires not included

FuZion Pink 2 Part Case, LCD Guard, Mains & Car Charger 9700 Bold, 9780 Onyx. ( FuZion Pink 2 Part C ), at Maplins
Exclusive FuZion Quad Pack for your device. FuZion 2 Pard Hard Soft Case. LCD Screen Protector. Car Charger. 3 Pin UK Mains ChargerFuZion 2 Part Hard Soft Case with LCD Screen Protector Exclusive design and style soft silicone case with hard back cover. The complete protection for your device. We can guarantee that with this protection solution you will not be disappointed but pleasantly surprised Features Custom made from hard poly resin and tough silicone case. Durability of a hard plastic case with the secure fit and added grip of a silicone skin. Snaps into place in seconds. Full access to all controls including and functions including headphones and camera. Designed so that you never need to remove your device for daily use. Includes 3 Layer Screen Protector with MicrFibre Cleaning Cloth High Quality Car Charger If you have misplaced your car charger or if you need a car charger due to your busy and hectic lifestyle this item is ideal. This charger is brand new and please be assured what you are buying is excellent quality. LED indicator for when charger is in use. High quality E Marked3 Pin UK Mains Charger Additional mains charger for your device perfect for charging your device at work or as a replacement for the original mains charger. Simply plug in and charge works in conjunction with your devices battery to automatically stop charging once the battery is full.

Inline Couplings, Universal Couplings and Shafts ( Inline Coupling 2-3 ), at Maplins
A range of couplings and shafts for use with models etc. The couplings are ideal for connecting rods of different diameter like motor shafts and coupling rods. The universal couplings are capable of operating at angles of up to 45anddeg.

Stainless Steel Straight Forceps 140mm ( 140mm Strght Forceps ), at Maplins
Locking forceps manufactured in stainless steel with serrated jaws Can be used as needle nose pliers a clamp heat sink vice etc.

Dunlop Trigger Capo for Electric Guitars ( Elec Guitar Capo Trg ), at Maplin
The fastest easiest one-hand capo there is Used to play in alternative tunings without retuning your guitar Put it on take it off or move it - never miss a lick

LED Lenser K1 Torch Keyring ( LL K1 Key Ring Torch ), at Maplin
Professional grade key chain torch 17 lumens output Tough aircraft-grade aluminium casing Supplied with key-ring attachment Simple on-off twist switch Dimensions 44mm x 10mm Weight 7.5g Batteries included Not much bigger than a matchstick the K1 Key-ring torch is the ideal mini Key-Light. The perfect LED Lenser to keep on you at all times.

4 x SD Memory Card Cases ( SD Quad Box ), at Maplin
Keep your memory cards safe

Super Silver Oxide Batteries ( Silver Batt SR59 ), at Maplin
Especially recommended for quartz watches and small calculators where the long and stable discharge characteristics are important. See the Silver Oxide Watch Battery Cross Reference to help identify your battery. In all instances SRxx provides a superior replacement for LRxx e.g. SR44 replaces LR44. Nominal voltage of all types 1.5V.

6.35mm Mono Plug to XLR Plug ( 1/4 Jck-Mic Adaptor ), at Maplin
Allows an XLR socket to be connected to a 14in. 6.35mm socket. Wired to the European standard pins 1 and 3 to ground.

AAA Alkaline Batteries ( Maplin AAA 40-Pack ), at Maplin
Complete range of AAA alkaline batteries

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Doghouse Techonologies is located in Tampa Bay FL and offer professional web design, ecommerce development and custom application design for the internet.
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