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Maplins … UK Electrical Discount - PC World Direct - Lg LCD TV UK - Maplins Electronic - Electrical Store - Kettles - Toaster Deals - UK Electricity - Buy Television - Miller Bros. - Electrical Installation UK - Maplins Online - UK Online Electronics - Maplins Electonics - Widescreen LCD TV - Portable LCD TV - LCD Televisions - Quality Electrical Direct - Electrical Appliance - Maplins Electronic Store - Online Electronics Store - HDTV UK - DLP - Maplin Stores - Currys Electrical - Candle Bulbs Twin Pack ( 25WCandleOpalSES 2Pk ) · Available in 25W, 40W and 60W· Available in opal and clear· Supplied in packs of 2 A range of candle bulbs ideal for standard ceiling and wall lights. The bulbs are supplied with 3 different base fittings: SES, BC and SBC. Order CodeWattage mm ... 2-Bay TeraBox SATA HDD Raid Enclosure ( 2xSATA HDD Bay USB ) 2-Bay TeraBox SATA HDD Raid Enclosure ( 2xSATA HDD Bay USB ) Maplin, Maplins ... 4-Way Extension Lead ( 4W Extn Lead 2m Wht ) · A white distribution board ready connected to approximately 2m of mains cable · Terminated in a 13A mains plug.· Model supplied may vary slightly from that illustrated. A white distribution board ready connected to approximately 2m of mains cable and terminated in a 13A mains plug.Note: Model supplied may vary slightly from that illustrated. ... Plastic Adhesive ( Plas Adhesive 25ml ) Plastic Adhesive ( Plas Adhesive 25ml ) Maplin, Maplins ... Satellite Dish fixing Kit ( Sat Coax Cable Black ) · High resistance material· Easy installation and instructions· Optimise security· Kit contents: Cranked S mast, 4 brackets and U bolt, SCART lead, 2 x F plug and 20m satellite cable This fixing kit has been designed for anyone who wants to install their own satellite kit or terrestrial aerial by themselves with the best equipment and everything you need in one box. ... 500GB My Book Essential Edition ( 500GB MyBook Essen ) 500GB My Book Essential Edition ( 500GB MyBook Essen ) Maplin, Maplins ... Maplins Online Sale | Maplins Electronics, UK.

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Maplins UK is the UK's largest electrical retailer, providing an extensive range of TVs, hi-fi's, cookers, fridges, washing machines, televisions, microwaves and vacuum cleaners. Maplins also sell a wide selection of PCs and communications products. Maplins Electronics superstores showcase the latest products to meet every household electrical need, the online store offers a comprehensive range with digital TV, VCR, DVD, camera and camcorder areas.

The wide selection of electronics products on offer at Maplin is forever changing, with new products being added all the time. However, listed below you'll find a small selection of some current Maplin offers to take advantage of:

Miniature Single Gang Potentiometers ( Min Pot Lin 100k ), at Maplin
A range of miniature rotary carbon track potentiometers with printed circuit board mounting terminals. Fixing hole required 7mm. Power rating 0.2W linear 0.1W log. Max voltage 200V linear 150V log. Overall shaft length 25mm. Linear types are marked B and log types are marked A. The following values are available with a linear track 1k 4k7 10k 22k 47k 100k 470k 1M The following values are available with a logarithmic track 10k 47k 100k 1M

Silicone Extra Flexible Wire ( 32A Sil ExFlex Black ), at Maplins
A high quality silicone-insulated wire that has outstanding electrical and mechanical properties with a very small bend radius. The wire will operate over the temperature range 50 to 180C and will withstand temperatures up to 300C for 10 seconds. The wire is ideal for high current low voltage applications such as battery powered models and test leads.

Component Video Adapter for Philips Pico Projectors ( PicoPix Component Cb ), at Maplin
Connection for Philips PICO PPX1230 Connection for Philips PICO PPX1430 Connects to iPhone Connects to a DVD player Superior picture than supplied cables

330K Ohm to 910K Ohm Metal Film 0.6W Resistors ( Min Res 470k ), at Maplins
Universal resistor with a superb specification Can be used as a superior replacement wherever carbon film 14W 13W or 12W are specified since its size is the same as 14W types Can be run continuously at 0.6W with ambient temperatures up to 70anddeg thanks to the highly even thermal characteristics of the ceramic substrate Superior replacement to most metal oxide and thick film resistors due to its very tight tolerance andplusmn1 and its low temperature coefficient only 50ppm Working voltage max 250V Tolerance 1 Power rating 0.6W at 70anddegC Temperature coefficient 50ppmanddegC Noise level Typically 0.01µVV Dimensions of body 6.5 l x 2.5diamm The values of resistors on this page are between 330Kandohm and 910Kandohm. The chart below shows the entire extended range of values we have available. To order values not on this page simply select the values you want from menu on the left hand side of this page

USB 3.0 Sockets ( USB 3.0 A Socket PCB ), at Maplin
Super Speed USB connectors Feature a nickel-plated outer shield and 9 gold-plated contacts Type A has the rectangular cross-section Type B has the square cross-section

Sony B173 4GB MP3 Player Blue ( Sny B173 4GB MP3 Blu ), at Maplins
4GB capacity Boost your Bass - Touch a button for extra deeppumping beats - even when youre listening at low volume Charge Quickly - Plug in your Walkman for 3 minutes and get 90 minutes playback. A full charge gives you up to 18 hours listening time. Easy Transfers - Fill your Walkman with easy drag and drop MP3 Music file transfers from any PC Direct USB connection - Connect Walkman to a compatible hi-fi or car stereo with USB port for easy playback enjoy cable free PC transfers ZAPPIN - Touch the ZAP button to preview a short snatch of each track and help you find the perfect song. The perfect companion for the gym or beach with a built-in clip. Never again have to worry about wearing armbands on the treadmill or jogging with a heavy case in your pocket. Music is its passion but you can also use your gym buddy in class or at work. A built-in microphone lets you take voice memos and record lectures.Open the box and youll find the clip ready and waiting. Now you can forget about armbands and cases just clip and off you go. Great for jogging or relaxing on the beach. With the clip your music stays safe. Out of the sand away from water clear of straining limbs. Where do you keep your music collection On iTunes No problem. Windows Media Player No problem. This music machine really isnt fussy. It works with PC or MAC and you dont even need a cable. Just plug it in to an available USB port and start managing your music.Theres many a time you think of something but forget to jot it down. Maybe youre driving home in the car and by the time you get back its gone. So imagine how useful it would be if you could take voice memos and reminder notes on your MP3 player. All you need is a built-in microphone. And this music maestro has just that.

Roxio Game Capture HD Pro ( Roxio Game Cap HD ), at Maplin
Fully compatible with Xbox 360 PS3 and Wii via component and Wii U. Play seamlessly and capture your game in the best possible quality at either 1080p 30FPS or 1080i 60FPS Dominate the competition and live stream directly to Twitch become an eSports superstar Intuitive easy to use software means you dont need to be a pro to make epic kill streak videos Component and HDMI input and output so you can play on the big screen while you capture via the included USB cable CaptureCapture gaming footage in HD up to 1080 30p1080 60i with HDMI or Component input and output. Enjoy seamless gameplay with no delays or interruption. No external power required.Live StreamingStream console gameplay and commentary live--directly to TwitchTV.Edit and PersonalizeEdit H.264-encoded game videos and add one of over 95 transitions up to 6 picture-in-picture boxes soundtracks special effects gamer-style text overlays and voice changed narration to match gameplay.ShareShare videos with one click to both YouTube and Facebook without leaving the capture software.PC Game CaptureCapture PC gameplay using graphics cards with HDMI output to the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO capture device.In the box- Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Capture Device- USB Cable- Roxio Game Capture Software- Getting Started Guide

DC Power Plugs ( Long DC Plg 2.1/5.5 ), at Maplin
Comprehensive range of common DC power connectors Used to replace damaged or faulty PSU leads Moulded integrated cable strain relief Nickel-plated and easy solder terminals Typical rating 12VDC2A24W Operating Temperature -40anddegC to 105anddegC

Ring Car Battery Smart Charge+ 16 ( Ring 16A SmartCharge ), at Maplin
Smart battery charger with battery maintenance tools and remote battery check and 2-16 amp charging capacity LED display shows battery voltage charge rate applied and battery status Includes USB charging socket and charge stage indicator Ideal for charging lead acid Gel AGM and Calcium battery types Ultimate health care for vehicle batteries. 7-stage SmartCharge suitable for charging 12 V lead acid Gel AGM and calcium batteries. Includes charge cycle status LED indicators to display where you are in the charging cycle. LED display shows battery voltage charge rate applied and battery charged status. LED indicators display charging fully charged and polarity protection. Includes battery tools to preserve battery life and improve battery performance. Integral LED light and hook. Includes USB charging socket for recharging small electronic devices.

Instrument ABS Plastic Enclosures ( Box RM2015M ), at Maplin
Low cost instrument enclosure designed to house PC boards Moulded in light grey general purpose ABS plastic Tongue and groove construction provides protection against dust and water IP43 rating This range of Ritec instrument enclosures are designed to house PC boards. They are moulded in a light grey general purpose ABS plastic with a light texture while the front and rear panels are smooth. The material carries a UL flammability rating of UL94HB and the enclosure has a two-part construction with the bottom half including moulded-in standoffs for easy PC board installation. The front and rear panels are interchangeable and easily removed for modifications. A tongue and groove construction provides protection against dust and water. The RM2015S and RM2055S are secured with self-tapping Philips screws. All others are secured with M3 Philips machine screws threaded into integral brass bushes. Perfect for applications where repetitive assembly and disassembly are required.

1500W PTC Ceramic Heater Silver ( 1.5kW PTC Heater Sil ), at Maplins
750W and 1500W heat settings Cool blow Safety tip-over switch Power indicator Variable thermostat Height 23cm Width 19cm Depth 14.5cm Finished in silver

Compatible Panasonic Camcorder Battery CGADU14 7.2V ( PAN CGADU14 Camcor ), at Maplins

Tantalum Bead Capacitors ( Tant 10uF 35V ), at Maplin
Resin dipped bead capacitors Wide operating temperature range -55 to 125anddegC High values available in small package Note Due to the instability of the price of tantalum prices are subject to change

Stainless Steel Box Joint Flat Nose Pliers 75mm ( 3in Flat Nose Plier ), at Maplins
Quality stainless steel flat nose miniature pliers with box joint Overall length 75mm Vinyl grips

Zebra Media 2300 Wax Ribbon / Black (02300GS11007) ( Zebra Media 2300 Wax ), at Maplins
The 2300 Wax is a performance wax ribbon that offers excellent print quality on both coated and uncoated papers This versatile ribbon is available at a competitive price

Maplin Fibre Optic OM1 LC SC 10m Grey ( Fibre LCSC OM1 10m ), at Maplin
Length 10m LC - SC Connectors 62.5µm core 125µm cladding Duplex Multi-mode OM1 Supports 10Gb Grey LSZH jacket Insertion Loss 0.3dB

5-Pack Chinese Flying Lantern ( 5pk Flying Lanterns ), at Maplin
Hand crafted authentic Chinese Flying Lantern Simply open out fill with air light the fuel cell and wait for your lantern to launch Much more fun than helium balloons with tags Flame-proofed paper for long flight time Floats away for miles and miles Excellent for summer evenings Supplied in a pack of five Launching Instructions 1 Check the strength and wind direction before use. The lantern is large and may be blown into obstacles such as trees or buildings 2 Fill lantern with air by gently swinging the lantern in the air while holding the bamboo ring ensure the lantern is fully extended and upright 3 Ask a friend to light the cell while you hold the lantern upright from the top 4 The lantern will fill with hot air and become light. Continue to hold the lantern by the top and bamboo ring at the bottom until it becomes self supporting. You can now hold it by the bottom only 5 Once the lantern is lifting on its own release and watch with friends as it floats away WARNING This product is not a toy and should not be used by people under 16 years old. This lantern should not be used at sea near the coast or in windy conditions. Do not tie or add any weight to the lantern. Always keep water or fire extinguishers near by. Do not use near airports or flight paths. Never light on ground that may catch fire. Do not use if the lantern is torn. Flying Lanterns are traditionally known as Khom Fay or Khom Loy in China and have been used for nearly two thousand years. It was believed that wishes written on lanterns would rise up to the heavens and come true. Traditionally used in Chinese Thai and Far Eastern celebrations Chinese Flying Lanterns are a beautiful and fascinating way to light up the sky thats becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Chinese Sky lanterns are fully customisable you can write on or colour the paper lantern to carry your personal message or artwork. Send your Chinese Flying Lantern soaring to celebrate Weddings Birthdays Anniversaries Halloween Bonfire Night Diwali or any other special event. It will fly for up to 20 minutes and can rise over a mile in the sky - where it will still be visible all around Many Chinese sky lanterns have been reported as UFO sightings considering that not many people know about these fabulous lanterns so when seen they are genuinely an unidentified flying object.

B Grade Deckless MP3 Car Stereo ( B Grade Head Unit ), at Maplin
USB or SD MP3 playback FM RDS for best reception and station ID Fully detachable panel with front auxiliary input Easy to read white display Blue colour illuminated buttons for easy use at night DSP effects Classic POP Rock EQ off MP3 player with ID3 tag support for song artist album and file number display Output power 4 x 7W PLL tuner with 24 preset stations - 18 x FM 6 x MW RCA Phono line out Standard ISO connector If you are tired of using CDs in your car this is the head unit for you. With the USB and SD sockets you can playback endless MP3 files with no chance of them skipping - or use the 3.5mm stereo jack input for any other audio device. There is a built-in radio and DSP effects to improve the audio playback.

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For BlackBerry Torch 9800 ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

Metallised Ceramic Plate Capacitors ( Ceramic 4700 ), at Maplins
A miniature ceramic capacitor with a cement-coated case. Values up to and including 220pF are suitable for temperature compensation in tuned circuits where low losses close tolerance and high stability are required. Values from 270pF to 4700pF are for use in coupling and decoupling applications where a non-linear change of capacitance with temperature is permissible. Values 10000pF and 22000pF are suitable for use in coupling and decoupling applications where capacitance stability is not critical. Specifications Tolerance 1.8pF to 4.7pF andplusmn5 5.6pF to 330pF andplusmn5 390pF to 4700pF andplusmn10 10000pF and 22000pF andplusmn20 Working voltage 1.8pF to 4700pF 100Vdc 10000pF and 22000pF 63Vdc Insulation resistance 1000Mandohm Temperature coefficient 1.8pF to 220pF Zero 270pF to 390pF 350 to -1000ppm0C 470pF to 4700pF medium K andplusmn10 10000pF to 20000pF high K 22 -82 Power factor 1.8pF to 390pF 4 470pF to 4700pF 3 10000pF 2 22000pF 2 Dimensions Thickness of body 2.25mm max. Lead spacing 5mm Lead length 25mm Case Diameters Value pF Diameter mm 1.8 2.2 2.7 3.3 4.7 5.6 6.8 8.2 10 12 15 18 22 27 33 470 560 680 820 1000 1500 1800 2200 5mm 39 47 56 2700 10000 6mm 68 82 100 330 3300

Quick-Change Folding Knife ( QuickChangeFoldKnife ), at Maplin
Folding knife with screwdriver and bits Knife has quick change mechanism for fast blade removal Lightweight aluminium handle for durability Screwdriver facility consists of 4 chrome vanadium bits stored in the handle Screwdriver bits include 4mm and 6mm slotted and Pozi 1 and 2 Supplied with 10 spare knife blades in a dispenser Please note that under the Offensive Weapons Act 1996 this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18

Arduino UNO ATMEGA328P R3 Mainboard ( Arduino UNO Board ), at Maplins
The starting board required to begin your projects in the open-source Arduino platform Simply download the latest free version of the Arduino software to begin prototyping your next design Works on Windows XP or above Mac OS X 10.5 or above or Linux Simple clear programming platform - suited to all levels from beginners to advanced users Requires a standard USB A to USB B plug cable Order Code L00BT Can also be powered via DC 5V external power supply Arduino is the brains of your next great project. This powerful microprocessor board can be easily and quickly programmed through open-source software free to download from The board itself is also open-source which means you can learn exactly how its made and use its design as the starting point for your own design of circuits. Arduino is intended to create interesting and interactive projects taking inputs from a variety of switches or sensors and controlling a variety of lights motors and other physical outputs.

Autel 3 in 1 Staple Gun ( 3 in 1 Staple Gun ), at Maplin
Hand operated nail and staple gun Suitable for many types of fixing including upholstery hardboard fabrics etc. Accepts 4-14mm standard staples 10-12mm rounded staples and also accepts 10-14mm nails Impact pressure adjustment and handle lock Includes 600 staples Spare nails and staples available Order Code N69AQ

127mm Post Hole Auger ( PHAgr 127mm dia hole ), at Maplin
Post hole auger for drilling 127mm 5 dia holes Earth is removed by rotation of steel corkscrew blade Auger has smaller locating screw for easy hole start Overall length 1100mm

Mini Wild West Gun Slinger ( Mini Gunslinger ), at Maplin
Shoot the target down and it pops back up Uses a harmless infrared beam Real gunshot and ricochet sounds Shoots from up to 15 feet 4.5m Fun for the whole family

100K Ohm to 300K Ohm Metal Film 0.6W Resistors ( Min Res 130k ), at Maplin
Universal resistor with a superb specification Can be used as a superior replacement wherever carbon film 14W 13W or 12W are specified since its size is the same as 14W types Can be run continuously at 0.6W with ambient temperatures up to 70anddeg thanks to the highly even thermal characteristics of the ceramic substrate Superior replacement to most metal oxide and thick film resistors due to its very tight tolerance andplusmn1 and its low temperature coefficient only 50ppm Working voltage max 250V Tolerance 1 Power rating 0.6W at 70anddegC Temperature coefficient 50ppmanddegC Noise level Typically 0.01µVV Dimensions of body 6.5 l x 2.5diamm The values of resistors on this page are between 100Kandohm and 300Kandohm. The chart below shows the entire extended range of values we have available. To order values not on this page simply select the values you want from menu on the left hand side of this page

Marumi MA919135 Lens Hood for Canon EF28-90/4-5.6 II USM EF-S ( Marumi MA919135 Lens ), at Maplin
Lens Hoods manufactured by Marumi available in a range of Canon Bayonet Mounts. These hoods are plastic construction and have bayonet fittings which can also be reversed over the lens for storage when not in use. To fit lens EF28-904-5.6 II USM EF-S18-553.5-5.6 USM.

B Grade Dazzle Video Creator Platinum ( B Grade Daz V/C Plat ), at Maplins
Turn home movies into DVDs Protect your priceless home video memories by transferring them to DVDthen share them with friends and family Pinnacle Studio HD software helps you bring your creative vision to lifecomplete with over 1000 unique professional-level transitions and effects included in Hollywood FX Easily create distinctive looks with over 130 included Montage templates featuring animations multi-layer effects transitions and titles designed by professional producers and artists Save your masterpiece straight to DVD upload directly to YouTube in HD or output to Flash DivX Plus HD QuickTime PS3 Nintendo Wii Xbox and more Dazzle USB video capture device Capture directly from analogue sources including VCRs gaming consoles and video cameras Pinnacle Studio HD software Make and share great HD movies easily Dazzle Video Creator Platinum HD combines a high-quality video capture device with easy-to-use Pinnacle Studio HD video editing software and Hollywood FX. Its never been simpler or faster to impress your friends and family with great looking videosanytime anywhere.Quickly import videos and photosthen edit scenes and add professional polish with over 1000 unique professional-level transitions and effects. Share your masterpiece directly on the web with one-click uploading to YouTube or easily transfer your video to a variety of devices. The unique new Archive and Restore tool conveniently preserves your work.

Panasonic Quattro NiMH AAA and AA Battery Charger ( PAN Quattro Charger ), at Maplin
Charges 1-4 pieces of AA or 1-2 pieces of AAA batteries in around 20 hours Supplied complete with 4 x Panasonic AA 1900mAh NiMH multi-usage rechargeable batteries Batteries retain 80 of their charge for 12 months when not in use and can be recharged up to 1600 times Built-in safety timer to ensure batteries are not over charged LED charging indicators Works off AC 100-240V worldwide with suitable travel adaptor not supplied Non-rechargeable battery detector for added safety

3 Channel IR Micro Helicopter Replacement Battery ( N31NB Battery ), at Maplin
N31NB Battery

Whitenergy Compatible HP Laptop Battery 510 8 Cell 14.4V ( 06473 BATTERY 14.8V ), at Maplins
HP compatible replacement laptop battery Designed to meet or exceed the manufacturers original spec Rated at 14.4V 4400mAh 8 cell standard lithium-ion battery

MAX232CPE RS232 Transmitter/Receiver ( MAX232CPE ), at Maplin
A dual RS-232 receivertransmitter that meets all the EIA RS-232C specifications while requiring only a single 5V supply. This significantly simplifies system design by removing the need to provide power supply voltages other than 5V. The IC has two on-board charge pump voltage convertors which generate 10V and -10V power supplies from the single 5V supply. The IC contains four level translators two of which convert TTLCMOS input levels into andplusmn9V RS-232 outputs ready for transmission and two of which convert RS-232 inputs to 5V TTLCMOS levels. The receivers have a nominal threshold of 1.3V a typical hysteresis of 0.5V and can operate with up to andplusmn30V inputs.

1.2m Four Socket Extension Cable White ( 4W ExtnLead 1.2m Wht ), at Maplins
4 sockets connected to 1.2m of mains cable Complete with a fitted 13A mains plug An excellent value model Simple to add more sockets right where you need them

Mini Blade Car Fuses ( Mini Blade Fuse 30A ), at Maplins
A range of miniature blade fuses for car use. Transparent coloured bodies denote the rating. Rated at 32V. Available in the following ratings 3A 5A 7.5A 10A 15A 20A 25A 30A Supplied individually.

Headphone Cable Tidy - Dachshund For Samsung Chat B3410W ( Headphone Cable Tidy ), at Maplin
Take a bite out of messy cables. Put your headphone wires through the legs and wind the cable around the body. Keeps your earphones tidy. Fun novelty design. Great gift for kids and adults.

B Grade 1TB WD MyBook® Essential External Hard Drive ( B Grade 1TB MyBook ), at Maplins
Next generation storage and backup Dual USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity Up to 3x faster transfer rates - When connected to a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port this drive lets you access and save files up to three times faster than USB 2.0. Transfer a 2-hour HD movie in around three and a half minutes Automatic continuous backup - Works quietly in the background to protect your data using minimal PC resources. Whenever you add or change a file its instantly backed up Put your life on it store or back up your entire digital library of photos movies music and documents Dimensions - 165mm x 135mm x 48mm Put your digital life on the sleek high capacity My Book Essential external hard drive. With WD quality and USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 connectivity this drive is designed for today with tomorrow in mind.WD quality inside and outFor over 20 years millions of people worldwide have trusted their data to WD hard drives. We are successful because we understand the importance of your data and our first concern is keeping that data safe.

Electronic Card Switch Module ( Electrnc Card Switch ), at Maplins
Easily fitted door opening module supplied with 3 cards Ideal for club houses or garden sheds Maximum switching capability 1A48V Power supply required 9V Module measures 80w front panel x 70d x 35hmm Cards measure 85l x 54w x 1dmm

HD Digital Video Camcorder with Flip-Out Screen ( HD 8MP Barrel Cmcrdr ), at Maplin
Barrel-type camcorder to record your memories in clear digital format 2.4-inch colour TFT preview screen Record 720p HD video 1280x720 or in VGAQVGA resolution 30fps Take still pictures up to 8MP 3264 x 2448 Runs from 2 x AA batteries Accepts SDSDHC memory cards up to 8GB Up to 4x digital zoom PALNTSC compatible

Linksys RE1000 N300 Universal Wi Fi Range Extender (used) ( B Grade LS Range Ext ), at Maplin
Easily increase wireless network coverage throughout your home Also works as a bridge to instantly connect a wired device to your network via 10100 network port Flexible placement options - wall outlet or desktop placement to optimise location and performance Wi-Fi Protected Setupand153 makes adding devices simple and secure Quality of Service - traffic prioritisation delivers smooth video and gaming performance Setup wizard CD for easy installation Two year limited warranty Award winning 247 customer support Supplied with figure of 8 mains cable for desktop placement slide in adaptor for wall mounting in UK plug and RJ45 cable The Linksys Wireless-N Extender allows you to repeat the wireless signal of any access point or router to provide Internet connectivity to all those hard to reach areas throughout a property.This wireless-N range extender can be set up through either Accessing its web-based setup page Using Cisco Connect software if you have it installed in your computer Using the setup software in the CD that comes with it Using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup WPS if your router also supports itThe Linksys Range extender supports a large range of security protocols including Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 security which encrypts data on your wireless network so whatever your current network is set up to use the Linksys range extender will fit in seamlessly and stay secure. On top of operating as a range extender the unit can also connect using the Fast Ethernet 10100 Mbps port and work as a wireless bridge to instantly connect any wired Ethernet device to a wireless network. With the added bonus of Linksys award winning 247 customer support the wireless extender really does offer a complete solution to your weak signal woes.

Numark DJ I/O Compact DJ Audio Interface ( Numark DJio ), at Maplin
Gives software-based DJs performers and producers a range of options for outputting their final audio External USB soundcard with audio inputsoutputs for computer music users For use with all ASIO based software 14 6.35mm Mic input with adjustable gain 2 x stereo RCA outputs 14 6.35mm headphone output Ultra low latency audio Powered via USB connection to your computer no external power supply needed The DJ IO is compact and rugged enough to live in your gig bag but powerful enough to provide solutions for a wide range of audio IO needs. The DJ IO gives software-based DJs performers and producers a range of options for outputting their final audio whether in the form of a live mix or a just-completed new track. DJs and producers pass audio from their software-based application of choice through a traditional mixer for multi-channel mixing and output to a pair of stereo RCA connections via a forward-thinking USB 2.0 connection.Perfect for use with the DJ2GO and Discover DJ

Earpiece and Microphone Headsets For Binatone PMR ( Binatone Ear Bud Mic ), at Maplins
A range of earpiece and inline microphone solutions for PMR446 radios Hook ear microphone and PTT ideal for prolonged wearing Bud ear microphone and PTT ideal for casual listening or when you need to remove frequently Acoustic tube microphone and PTT ideal for covert work because of the clear earpiece design Compatible with the Binatone T550 T750 and Action 950 and may suit other brands A 2.5mm stereo jack and inline PTT

iPhone 4 - Official Kasabian Phone Clip Case ( iPhone 4 - Official ), at Maplin
This iPhone 4 case features superb photographic quality gloss finish Convenient Clip Case design Easy-access button covers Dockable while in top case Reinforced impact zones Official licensed product This superb quality phone cover features official licensed images all in a durable shatterproof premium protective clip case. The design allows easy-access to all buttons and is printed to the highest standard onto a reinforced impact resistant polycarbonate shell. Ideal to protect one of your most valuable possessions this original and exclusive licensed product allows you to make your phone individual and is perfect for any gifting occasion.

ABS Slide Knob ( knob white/blk stp ), at Maplin
2 knobs designed to accept 4mm or 8mm fittings Available in 2 different colour coding A range of attractive slide knobs available in two styles. The narrow knobs Order Codes NC69 and NC70 are designed for sliders with a 4mm fitting. The wider knobs Order Codes NC71 and NC72 are designed to accept an 8mm fitting.

1:12 RC Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 ( 1:12 Lambo Avent ), at Maplin
Highly detailed design and realistic tyres Front and rear suspensions Adjustable trim for accurate steering Full function radio control Working front and rear lights High speed

Icecrypt 60cm Satellite Dish with Twin LNB ( 60cm Dish & Twin LNB ), at Maplin
60cm dish Twin universal 0.1dB typical LNB 10m coax cable 2 x F-connectors Wall mount L-Arm type 4 x wall bolts

B Grade Logitech® 2x Outdoor IP HomePlug Video Security Kit ( B Grade 2 x CCTV Kit ), at Maplins
2x Logitech Outdoor IP HomePlug CCTV digital video surveillance cameras Turn your PC into a DVR with the powerful yet easy to use Command centre software Uses revolutionary powerline technology to transmit video over the mains Remote viewing via the Internet or over windows mobile phone Provides the security and reliability of a hard-wired system without running any cables Weatherproof design ensures year-round use even under harsh conditions Gets you up and running fast for immediate viewing no new wires to run no network configuration Flexible PC-viewing options let you see live footage or store it on your hard drive for later replay Automatically record motion-triggered video to your PC hard drive Free remote viewing via the Internet allows you to log into a secure Web-based account to view live video online anywhere anytime Motion-activated cell-phone and e-mail alerts quickly update you when youre on the go. Monitor entrances and driveways with the Logitech Outdoor Video Security System the video surveillance system you can install in 15 minutes Monitor entrances and driveways with the Dual Camera Logitech Outdoor IP Home Plug Video Security System the video surveillance system you can install in 15 minutes. Easy setup gets you up and running fast for immediate viewing no new wires to run no network configuration Simple plug into the Mains Socket. The weatherproof waterproof design ensures year-round use even under harsh conditions. Flexible PC-viewing options let you see live footage or store it on your hard drive for later replay. Motion-activated cell-phone and e-mail alerts quickly update you when youre on the go. Free remote viewing via the Internet allows you to log into a secure Web-based account to view live video online anywhere anytime.

Cable Tie Bases ( Small Base Blk 100Pk ), at Maplins
A range of black and natural cable tie fixings including two self-adhesive bases and one screw down. Manufactured from hard-wearing UL approved nylon 66 94V-2. The self-adhesive tie mounts are designed for lightweight wire bundles when properly applied to any clean smooth grease-free surface. For heavy support these tie mounts also feature a mounting hole for a screw.

TP-Link AV500+ 500Mbps Gigabit Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through ( TP AV500+ PL Single ), at Maplin
HomePlug AV standard compliant high-speed data transfer rates of up to 500Mbps No new wires Easy Plug and Play operation No configuration required Patented Power-Saving Mode automatically reduces power consumption by up to 85 The TP-LINK 500Mbps Gigabit Powerline Adapter with AC Pass Through TL-PA551 turns your existing electrical circuitry into a high-speed network with no need for new wires or drilling. No configuration is required simply plug your adapter into your power sockets and you can establish networking infrastructure in a flash. With speeds up to 500Mbps TL-PA551 provides robust speedy connections essential for bandwidth intensive media applications. Whats more its integrated power socket allows an additional device or power bar to be connected to the adapter as though it were a normal wall socket.

MCC Tubular R10 Bulb ( R10 MCC 240V ), at Maplin
A range of voltages are available with the Ba9s MCC base size 10 x 27.5mm.

Bass Reflex Tubes ( Bass Reflex 65.0mm ), at Maplin
Built-in grill on inner end prevents the entry of large foreign objects Clever moulding means that these can be permanently mounted with a simple push fit Precisely designed curve reduces imperfections in air flow and audio heard For home constructors of speaker cabinets these plastic tubes are essential. Attractively manufactured in a black ABS material these tubes are required as the ports in reflex design.

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