Dear Concerned Party,

As we can see you are some one who is interested in the well being of children and their future.

That's why you have come to the Official OLPC Wiki.


The OLPC Wiki is a great place to find out information and submit your own ideas about The OLPC Laptop.

Most of the main official members are people who design and create stuff on computers.

There are also many that come to this WIKI that tamper with pages.

With in the rules of the WIKI it says very clearly that you may do this or do that.

In many case you cannot.

Some of the pages have a green bar and say maintained by the OLPC Staff.

You should try not to write or post on them.

Some times you may have issues that are in some ways related to the OLPC like its your nation, your cousin got one, ect...

Some times people will not agree with you and say something. To you that you feel is wrong.

At the worse they may want the page removed.

There is a process to have this heard but you have to find this for your self.

I am not a high ranking member of OLPC with in their working frame but I am someone who has a lot of input in writing letters, making comments in other forums, as well as having some DV properties too!.

I also have my own interests in computing for children and adults in the third world and beyond, that I am actively participating in on a regular basis.

I hope that even if this doesn't work out for you on the OLPC Wiki you do not give up.

Every voice heard is one more for the fight of social change around the world for things to get better for many who right now things are very bad for them.”

I cannot at this time direct you to me or suggest we join up as my mission is very serious and very real.

But If you keep your nose clean on OLPC as we will be watching and if it doesn't work out for you on the OLPC Wiki maybe we can direct you to some where else that is OLPC related that will be read and you can still stay involved in the movement.

So Good Luck and feel free to post your email address directly on your user page so others can contact you.

Sincerely ,


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